KITEC Plumbing

Tuesday Apr 17th, 2018


You may have read about Kitec plumbing systems recently.

Kitec is a flexible plumbing system where the pipes are made out of a combination of aluminum and plastic with brass fittings. Kitec was used in Canada from 1995- 2005 for in-floor heating systems, hot-water baseboard heating systems and for drinking/bathing water systems.  In 2005 Kitec was recalled because the pipes and fittings have a tendency to corrode and can fail, which would lead to flooding and the water damage that ensues.

Most Kitec plumbing can be identified by the colour of the pipes which are bright orange for hot water and bright blue for cold water, however, it was also sold in red/blue and gray/black. If the fittings are visible, look for Kitec or KTC stamped on them.  The best places to see if your home has Kitec is near the hot water tank, under the kitchen sink or under bathroom vanities.

So what do you do if you discover your home contains Kitec plumbing? There is currently a class-action lawsuit underway so you should look into that that. Also you should investigate having your Kitec system replaced. This will protect you from possible flood damage which may or may not be covered by your home insurance. If you live in a condo building with Kitec that is another problem altogether as the entire building will eventually have to change the plumbing system which obviously would be a very costly undertaking.

Home buyers should be careful and check the plumbing system when considering homes or condos built from 1995-2005. Many home buyers in this “sellers” market (especially those buying condos) forgo the home inspection which could be very costly if you unknowingly buy a home or condo with Kitec plumbing.

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